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In this series called ‘In the Spotlight’ we’ll be talking to our employees and asking them questions about everything from their current role to their most unusual job and what they’d take on a desert island.

This month we sat down and spoke to Nigel Mason, Head of Advisory Services.

LR: Before working at REAMS, what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had?

NM: My job as chair of the RICS West Midlands Regional Board is a pre-REAMS job but is still ongoing. Being close to the work the RICS is doing is really exciting as the institution is changing significantly and is meeting head on to the future challenges in our industry. Future talent, industry standards, big data and smart cities are particularly interesting areas of development where REAMS can be thought leaders.

LR: How do you balance your career at REAMS and family?

NM: I am currently engaged part time with REAMS so this gives me the flexibility to prioritise my work demands with those of my wife, Sam, my 2 and a half  year old daughter Erin and extended family. Previously I spent too long in an unbalanced corporate situation so I am glad we got through that and I am now really enjoying the balance.

LR: What does a typical day look like for you?

NM: I look forward to every day and none of them are typical so that is exciting. I don’t mind a 5.30am start if I am on a site visit or meetings across the country but I prefer a train ride rather than driving. Not getting back home after my wife is in bed is not a problem, however, I prefer to see my daughter before she goes to bed rather than seeing her waking up at 3.00am! Working from home is also good as this is always a productive day, and seeing my daughter’s face when I pick her up from nursey is priceless.

LR: How has REAMS helped you in your career development?

NM: It was great to be approached by Alistair, whom I have known professionally for many years. Also to feel my experience is valued and can help take REAMS onto the next level of business development, diversity and maturity. This will be much more rewarding than being a number in a large corporate and has re-energised my enthusiasm for our industry.

LR: What advice do you have for prospective REAMS candidates?

NM: Data is everything, be part of it! Being involved in the collection, management and interpretation of data and strategic decision making on the back of it is really exciting in the current market. REAMS do that really well compared with the competition who see data as a boring dull area that they collect and pass onto somebody else, they are so blind!

LR: What are 3 words to describe REAMS?

NM: Dynamic, innovative and exciting. Sorry, I need to add a fourth, “Client list to die for”, but that’s five words….

LR: How has REAMS changed since you started working for them?

NM: I would like to say significantly for the better, but I have only been on board for two months! Come back to me in six months time.

LR: What has been your favourite project at REAMS?

NM: So far, I have really enjoyed working with Mike Powell at on one of oour projects, it has given me a great insight into the business, the clients and how we go about delivery. However, not to forget working with Justin and the team on the fabric content of the new ELIAS build.

LR: What have you gained from working at REAMS?

NM: I’ve gained a new sense of value since working at REAMS.

LR: What are three lessons you’ve learned across your entire career?

NM: My three lessons would be:

  1. Work hard and lead by example
  2. You have got to have fun doing it and enjoy working with your colleagues
  3. It’s not sustainable working with people who lack professional integrity

LR: If you could do any other job for the one day, what would it be?

NM: I think I could get away with doing Bill Gates’ job for one day as long as I can take home his daily earnings of $33.3m/day.

LR: What was the name of the last book you read?

NM: Am I allowed to admit the Viz 2019 Annual?  If not, it will have to be Ant Middleton’s “First Man In”. Not particularly a great read but I have great respect for the man. He sent my sister in-law a personal video message as she was suffering from Cystic Fibrosis and a brain tumour at the age of 38. The message was, “keep fighting. While you are fighting, you are winning!”. This helped her to keep up the fight for another six months, we miss her immensely.

LR: If you were stuck on an island what three things would you bring with you?

NM: Sunglasses, sunbed and an endless supply of gin and tonic.