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Accurate data in facilities management

Why is having accurate data important, and why should you choose REAMS to help provide you with that data?

Accurate asset identification and condition data in a presentable reporting format is instrumental in key decision making and planning. How the data is analysed and used to drive efficient maintenance and replacement strategies is of equal importance. This associated value of the asset collection exercise is often over-looked due to the contractual pressures of requiring data being loaded into a Computer Aided Facilities Management system (CAFM).  The trail to the data collection exercise dissipates over time resulting in many data collection exercises being repeated usually at contract handover.  In addition to data collection REAMS provides a full asset management consultancy service, utilising advanced in-house technology and digital strategies to enable clients to maximise the value of their assets for performance, risk, sustainability and cost.

Maximising efficiency

Are you getting the most out of your assets? Understanding the condition of your physical assets can help for long term planning and minimising costs. Having this data will help highlight where you need to prioritise repairs and costs over a period of time. Our in-depth reporting technology can help clients understand every aspect of their assets from condition and life cycle to maintenance costs.

It’s also important to use accurate data in order to understand how efficient maintenance practices are. By measuring completed work orders against the total number of work orders needed, clients are able to see whether maintenance operations are effective or whether a new process to improve productivity can be identified.

Life cycle planning

Any building, asset or infrastructure begins to deteriorate as soon as it is in use. Knowing the life cycle of your building and assets is instrumental in future planning and cost saving. It’s important for a business to know when larger repairs and maintenance are needed and having this data helps create a timeline for maintenance planning and costing. REAMS are able to help make the planning process a lot smoother and provide clients with a cost plan so the business knows when they will need to spend money on renovation or replacement.

Managing business risks

This real time data can also highlight potential weaknesses that can have a large impact on the business so that clients are able to fix the issues before they become a problem. For example, one of our current clients had a health and safety issue causing them to shut plant down for over two months, with significant economic consequences. REAMS identified the risk area and provided a solution to ensure the risk was mitigated and controlled which will avoid any future impact to the business.

REAMS’ ELIAS technology has the capability to update physical asset information in real time so that clients are able to track their assets, plan future costing and manage workloads more effectively. To see more information on how REAMS can help your business, you can visit their website for more information on the services they provide and their in-house ELIAS technology.

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