Our ELIAS SaaS technology provides customers with cutting edge asset management solutions from tablet based data collection to configurable life cycle planning portals, risk analysis and BI reporting.  


The ELIAS mobile solution, supports large scale data collection and condition surveying programmes.  Utilised by both internal and external teams of engineers and surveyors.  Fully configurable to individual client needs and multiple projects.


Our ELIAS dashboards and reporting hubs allow real time management of assets, capital expenditure, compliance risk and foreign exchange exposure.  


Our online management portal allows clients to rapidly benefit from clear visibility of their estate allowing for precise and accurate decision making.


In its simplest form, ELIAS takes large volumes of data and presents it in a manner unique and useful to the user, using powerful reporting and analytical tools.  

Asset performance is managed in a real time format, and intervention criteria constantly monitored.

ELIAS is used across the globe and by clients in multiple sectors with a particular focus on critical environments. 

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