A large proportion of our business is conducted across secure, critical environments and our experience and high level of technical expertise has allowed REAMS to excel in this sector.

From trading floors in Frankfurt, mission critical data centres in Houston or secure military establishments in the UK, our clients trust us with their most valuable assets.

A high-level of technical expertise and absolute risk management are fundamental to critical engineering environments. At REAMS, our technical surveyors and engineers recognise the importance that our clients place on their infrastructure to deliver 99.999% up-time as a minimum requirement. REAMS interrogate and identify risk elements within that infrastructure to manage the critical engineering assets that deliver that outcome.

Our work in critical environments evolves beyond simple data management, into single point of failure analysis and development of Emergency Operating Procedures (EOPs), all supported with complex predictive data modelling.

REAMS ensures the core data that forms the foundation of the decision making process is structured globally across client organisations, reported on consistently, managed in "real" time and delivers critical behaviours and strategy that can be held up as the best in class across the entire estate.

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