REAMS is proud to announce that its innovative, in-house technology ELIAS has been awarded a place on the G-Cloud 11 framework

G-Cloud 11, launched in 2012, is a government initiative designed to improve the accessibility of digital services across the public sector. It gives service providers the opportunity to offer digital, contract-based facilities to public sector organisations by ensuring suppliers are compliant with, and have met, the standards laid out within the G-Cloud framework.  

The G-Cloud 11 initiative is accessed through the Digital Marketplace, created in 2014, and has made the procurement process easier and more transparent, radically changing the route to market for Government departments, agencies, local authorities and education establishments. Buying services from providers through this framework is also more cost effective for businesses.

ELIAS, REAMS’ market leading cloud hosted application, has been successfully entered into the cloud software (SaaS) category. The G-Cloud service enables REAMS to offer their innovative in-house technology to clients who want to securely digitise their estate in order to optimize performance and improve efficiency.

The ELIAS SaaS technology is asset lifecycle software providing customers with cutting edge asset management solutions from tablet-based data collection to configurable life cycle planning portals, risk analysis and rich analytics and reporting, all directly configurable with the customers’ business systems.

Benefits of using this technology for customers includes transparent visibility of their estate, informing precise and accurate decision making, and aggregating large volumes of data into usable intelligence. The technology which can be run on any platform and operating system is fast, flexible, secure and generates significant value to clients.

Craig Edmunds, REAMS’ Chief Technology Officer was delighted when REAMS was awarded a place on the initiative. He said, “This is further external recognition of the technology REAMS’ is continuing to offer clients, we are already working across a sphere of public sector clients, informing estates strategies, executing decision making and delivering real asset management value all underpinned by our secure and innovative ELIAS platform.  Inclusion on the G-11 initiative will provide greater accessibility to our clients.”

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