Local Exhaust Ventilation

What is Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV)?

LEV is the equipment that controls, captures or contains airborne release at, ‘or close to’, the point of emission by means of ventilation and conveys the pollutant to a point where it can be safely collected or released.

Inspection Regime

The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2016 (COSHH) require that LEV plant is examined by a competent person. This examination should be completed at intervals dependant on the trade or business and the application of the equipment, for example:

  • Engineering & manufacturing works require an examination every six months
  • Laundries & dry cleaners require an examination every 14 months

Each LEV will have its own frequency based on the process and exposure. The above example is based on processes and substances commonly found in the industries. 

Log Books

All LEV systems require a logbook containing schedules and forms such as:

  • Schedules for regular checks and maintenance
  • Records of regular checks, maintenance, replacements and repairs
  • Checks of compliance with the correct way of working with the LEV system
  • The name of the person who made these checks

Relevant Legislation

The COSHH regulations apply to all work activities where substances hazardous to health are produced. Further guidance and report templates can be found in HSG 258.

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The above guidelines are relevant with UK legislation and intended to steer building owners, operators, occupiers and maintenance providers with greater levels of knowledge of the obligations placed upon them.

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